Sausage Gravy

Sausage Gravy
From Cuisine at Home

4 strips thick-sliced bacon, diced
1 lb. breakfast pork sausage
1 Tablespoon minced fresh sage
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
3-1/2 cups whole milk
Black pepper to taste

Cook bacon in saute pan over medium heat. When bacon is nearly crisp, stir in sausage and sage breaking up any chunks with a spoon. Cook sausage until browned, 8-10 minutes. Transfer bacon and sausage to a bowl; reserve drippings.

Sprinkle flour into hot drippings while whisking to remove lumps. Whisk until mixture thickens and begins to brown. Whisk in milk. Cook gravy over medium-high heat, whisking until thickened and flour taste is eliminated, about 15 minutes. Season gravy with pepper to taste. Stir bacon and sausage into gravy; serve with buttermilk biscuits.

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